Pillars of Success

Pillars of Success

This collection of policies, procedures, and cultural values can be credited for the majority of the growth and success of The Big Event at Texas A&M University.

1. Culture of Continuity

2. Designed Experiences

3. Intentional Communication

4. Innovative Operations

5. High Quality Delegation

6. Comprehensive and Effective Training

7. Extensive Transitioning

8. Balanced Relationships

9. Goals and Action Plans

Goals & Expectations:

Each spring, the new executive staff will identify, develop and compile a set of common goals which will govern the actions for the next 12 months.

Action Plans

The Big Event plans out each week’s taks list through the use of 4 separate POA’s (Plans of Action). They are: summer, fall, spring and day of. 


Dedication is absolutely essential to the success of The Big Event: Here is an example of What it takes at A&M to plan The Big Event.